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The Greatest

The Greatest

Goodnight Blessings,
Had an interesting in discussion in class today about expressing emotions and vulnerability. We watched a video of Brene Brown. She has been researching the topic of shame and fear for several years now. I’ve recently understood the meaning of what she’s talking about in her research. Society has forced us to hide behind technology, be afraid to display how we are feeling. We think we will be rejected if we open our true selves to others. The most precious gift we can give to others is our raw, naked, whole hearted self. I’ve been such a guarded person all my life, afraid to trust others, fearing I’m not good enough, not worthy of love and affection. These are just stories we tell ourselves. We are good enough, smart enough, strong enough. We just have to remind ourself. Especially when our heart is broken and we are suffering. This is our human story!

May all precious souls be brave enough to share their authentic selves to the ones they love. May they embrace you whole heatedly and if for some reason, they are not able to do that for you then understand that is about their story and not about your worthiness.

Love & Light


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