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Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

Our spiritual journey is so complex. As I continue to honor my journey and live a life of authenticity, sometimes one has to share truth with others that causes immense pain. The pain is real because they can’t understand the love behind the act. I’m still learning to work through my abilities as a medium. I can connect and channel spiritual energies, it is difficult when a loved one who has crossed over is sharing a message or trying to connect with someone who isn’t in a place of acceptance. This has been a difficult road for me as I was trying to fulfill a promise from someone who had crossed over but when the truth came out, the person became angry and blamed the messenger. Being an empath, a healer takes courage, patience and a servant’s heart. We have to keep on following our path and trying to do what our spirit guides tell us to do.

There is a holy saying that ultimately your actions are judged by your intentions and God knows what is in our hearts. My heart has always been pure and my intentions have always been to heal the wounded, in an effort to heal myself as this is my path and my purpose.
The individual who I’ve tried to help for so long doesn’t see it this way, but perhaps one day in the future she may, regardless today I realized that is her story and she has to sort it out.

Blessings and love to all who are suffering pain and separation due to a loved ones passing. May your heart be healed.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey

  1. All I can say, is yes. yes. and yes. it is painful when you try to help someone whom you think truly wants to be helped, and they they are resentful at being seen. I’m glad you know it’s not you. I invite you to visit and follow my blog, as well. We are two on a similar path. Bright Blessings to you.

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