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Sensitive Soul

Sensitive Soul

I do have a very sensitive soul. Being an empath, I’m easily impacted by other people’s energy. I feel emotions very intensely. Intellectually, I understand that one can’t alleviate the suffering of others as that is a part of every soul’s journey. What I can do, is to have a compassionate, loving heart. I’m learning to balance this part- help offer healing to others without loosing myself in the process. I can offer healing blessings and prayers, I can hold space for others to express themselves, I can share stories of hope, healing and perseverance.
We can all tap into that reservoir of light that is buried deep within the darkness.


2 thoughts on “Sensitive Soul

  1. Beautiful. 🙂

    I agree being an empath can be tough, eh?

    You’ll end up fine. You’re much needed in these hours. 🙂

    Glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

    Would love a feedback from you on my blog about minimalism and simplicity.




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