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Goodnight Blessings,

Tonight ‘m feeling spirit filled, full of love, compassion, and inspiration. I spent my birthday with intention of making the day a memorable one, a calm, relaxing one. I went to the zoo, being surrounded by beautiful animals. I could see all the animals and their beautiful souls, such amazing energy. After the zoo, I went for some zen time, long massage, relaxation. The evening ended with a nice family dinner. I’m blessed that both my parents are still living, along with my siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many many friends. The only day on Facebook which I enjoy, nice to be valued and appreciated by so many connections, old and new. A few minutes ago, I wrote in my journal about the day, May 22, 2014, it adds up to 11:11- important number in numerology and spiritual awakening. A perfect end to this year.
I pray to the Divine to continue to bless me with good health, wisdom and joy to stay on the correct path. I ask for forgiveness for my mistakes, for healing of past hurts and wounds and lastly, I ask for strength and courage, so that I can fulfill my destiny in this lifetime.



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