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One word captures my 40th year around the sun- that is.. Resiliance!
When I was a child, 40 seemed so old, right! But as one ages, you grow into your soul body. You start discovering who you really are, what your purpose is. In your 20’s, most of us don’t have a clue what is going on around us. For me, the shift in awareness started at 30, but it’s really the last few years that have led to the transformation and awakening that has put me on this new path. I can say, I am comfortable in my skin. My inner warrior spirit has always been strong, it has protected me through a lot, but now I’m working to let my guard down. I’m working on letting the vulnerability flow, sharing my gifts with others. I want kindness and compassion to flow through me. I want to serve as a light being for others. Last year, I had a vision to write a book, titled Wounds to Wisdom, a collection of healing stories of resilience, how others have also experienced a transformation and an awakening that has resulted in a shift in their lives. At the time, I didn’t know, how real that title would define my own life- especially this last year. I can say that my own “wounds to wisdom-” story has reaffirmed my commitment and desire to complete this project. My goal this year is to connect with others who have a personal story of healing, transcendence, love, compassion and of Resilience- together- by sharing our stories of hope and inspiration, we can become a tiny drop in the ocean- a small wave of love-
So as the sunset’s today on this my 40th year- here’s to letting go- of all that has changed, all that has passed, holding on to the sweet memories, the gold that I’ve claimed for myself- my wisdom- my- creativity- my freedom-my peace-my authenticity-
Yes! Resilience- ——-
My TrueSpirit


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