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Truly Blessed

Truly Blessed

I just saw this amazing picture and quote :
“I feel truly blessed by the people who love me.
And that I’m able to tell them that while they’re still here and able to know how much I appreciate them.”

Most people only start appreciating what they had only after they lose it. I always interact with people with the mindset that every meeting, every exchange could be the last. I didn’t always share this perspective, but one experience, one relationship has taught me this valuable lesson.

Sometimes those folks who are meant to provide us comfort, joy, love and healing are the ones who end up wounding us the most, this is the tragedy of our life. It can be a family member or a friend, or someone we trust, its always those that are close to you and not a stranger or an enemy but what can you do. We are social beings who need love and companionship, so we have to keep opening our hearts and forgive those who have wounded us. I admire and respect those who can forgive and move one so quickly. I’m working on letting go and let the light enter my wounded place. I learned to forgive someone once and the same person came back and stabbed me again so now, I’m left wondering, why did I forgive the first time, I wouldn’t be here now, but that’s not living in authenticity because if someone asks for forgiveness and you offer it with your open heart, you have to start over. Somethings are not meant to have happy endings. In time, I know in my heart that this darkness, this loneliness, this heartache, is a gift. It is saving me from a lot more pain down the road. All one can do its own your part in the story. Appreciate that their behavior is on them. Let them live with the consequences of their actions. Some have a conscience and others don’t even have a clue, have no self awareness whatsoever. Listen to how people talk about others, they are showing you their character, when they show you who they are the first time. Believe them!


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