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The Learning

The Learning

I’ve always believed this to be true. You learn more from the painful experiences then the happy ones. Yesterday, I spent the day away from the city at a beautiful retreat. Spent time at a historic cabin tucked away in nature. I was surrounded by this magnificent lake. I went for a long nature walk on my friends 500 acre property. I listened to the birds singing, the waves hitting the beach, cool breeze in the air. I collected a few treasures on the way. A feather, flowers, rocks, sticks. I came back from my walk and made a dreamcatcher from the sticks I had collected. Later, my friends and I built a big camp fire and we sat in a circle with a guitar and some drums and we sang songs. It was a beautiful moment. When we were walking back to the cabin, I looked up at the night sky. There was no moon, just a big beautiful night sky. Stars shining so bright. I said to myself. This is what life is- celebrating the small perfect moments. I’ve let myself get caught up reacting to events that really aren’t important. Sometimes you experience something that jolts you into the right direction. So friends, look for the learning moments, teach yourself the lessons that are important for your personal and spiritual growth. Surround yourself with good people who have large hearts. Today I’m feeling loved and connected with the Divine!

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