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One Soul

One Soul

Words of Wisdom
We have to be kind to ourself. We can’t do anything for anyone else if we don’t take the time to self nurture ourselves. This includes taking care of our mind, our body, and spirit. For me, I’ve neglected my body for so long and now I’m paying a toll. This is also true for my spirit. Being mindful and present takes practice. Start with a small practice- maybe a few minutes of positive affirmations, meditation or whatever it takes for you to get centered. My daily practice includes posting on this blog, morning meditation and journaling. I have a passion for photography too, especially nature, so I do take pictures of sunrises, sunsets, clouds, ocean or trees- this is how I can get centered and connect to the spirit within me. Shutting out the clutter in your mind and living in the moment isn’t easy, our lives operate on a 24 hour cycle of business, we have to prioritize ourself.
Lastly, set a goal for yourself, a small goal and accomplish it, then set another one. You will feel great when you are able to succeed! I’m starting a brand new project this Summer. A brand new series of workshops focused on happiness, mindfulness, spiritual health and holistic wellness.
Blessings to all on this beautiful Spring weekend.


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