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Birthday Blessing

Birthday Blessing

Sharing a beautiful inspirational message sent as a birthday blessing.
“I pray that the coming year of your life is one of purposeful and joyful living when you are not burdened with things that drain your energy. May God make the way ahead easier and enable you to live mindfully so that you can find peace within yourself. I know that your life is full of all kinds of struggles which lead to physical and emotional exhaustion and unending stress and frustration. Life is what it is and everyday chores and challenges have to be dealt with. But if one can learn to let go of all the clutter and chatter that fills the mind and heart, and be in the “now”- the present moment- and not wither in the past or in the future- one can be content. In a world that is so insistent on “doing” on loses the sense of ” being”. It is enough just to be. If you spend a few minutes each day just breathing, in silence, with an empty mind, you will discover a new world of peace and joy. I wish you success and prosperity in the material world but pray that your heart and spirit be lit by God’s presence and light. “


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