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This Mother’s Day, I’m celebrating the meaning of the word- connection. This quote resonated with me today because the bond between a mother and child is about connection. It is based on unconditional love, trust, safety. All the essential foundations where you learn to operate in the world are about that first pure connection. The second word is nurturing, although I don’t have any children, I’ve still nurtured and cared for others as they were my own so I understand what that connection is about. I hope everyone will take a moment to reflect upon those special connections in your life, the ones you have now, the ones you’ve lost and the ones you will forge in the future. My philosophy in life is to go out and connect with as many people on this beautiful earth- that makes me feel happy and joyful! It makes me believe that no matter what we look like, whatever path we are traveling on, we are still connected and part of the same magnificent universe. Happy Mother’s Day 2014


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