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Universal Spirit

Universal Spirit

I love you!

You bring out the very best in me
And you nurture the rest in me
You see me
You hold me closely
No matter where on this Earth you are
You hold me
And I know that with you
My heart is safe

I love you
I know your heart
I have known your heart for many lifetimes
And it fills me with warmth
And comfort
I encase your heart with my love
I do this to protect you
And to heal you
So that if you ever know loneliness
Or heartache
Or the deepest kind of pain
You can look for me in your heart and remember
That you are held safely in my love
And that you will be ok again

I love you
I see the Sun, Moon and all the Stars in your eyes
You brighten a room the moment you walk in
When I see a note left by you
I smile without yet reading a word
The words shine with a vibrance that takes all of my missing you
And turns it into fuel for my light
I see these things in you
And I will reflect them all back to you
When you feel your light being dimmed by circumstance

I love you
I hold these truths with honor
And awe
My here and now is bright
Because you are in it with me
All of these things are not my promise to you
They are inescapable
And they will be
Regardless of circumstances or condition

This is our life
And this is a love letter to you

I love you


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